Features Created with Your Church or Ministry in Mind

Finally, a website content management system that is crafted specifically to serve your Church or Ministry in a way that will be simple and fun.

Theme or Custom Church and Ministry Website Design

Thoughtfully Crafted Beautiful Website Designs

Created by our award-winning website designers. Each element is carefully crafted, pixel by pixel. Not only to look gorgeous, but most importantly, to produce results for your church or ministry outreach efforts.

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WordPress Church and Ministry Websites

The Infinite Power of WordPress

ChristianCMS is powered by the top content management system (CMS) in the world, WordPress. Over 60 million people have chosen WordPress to power the place on the web they call home. Don't be trapped in a limited and propriety CMS again!

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Mobile Friendly? Absolutely.

It's important that you reach your audience, no matter how they find you. Our responsive, mobile first, website designs display and work perfectly on almost all devices. Making it easy for your viewers to find the information they need, wherever they are.

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Church and Ministry Websites Online Store and Ecommerce

Sell Your Creations

It’s never been easier to create and manage a beautiful, full featured online store. ChristianCMS has everything you need to start selling online. Create your online store and start selling today.

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Raising Funds Has Never Been Easier

We make the online giving experience seamless and easy to set up. From every day giving, to crowd funding, ChristianCMS meets all of your church and ministry donation needs.

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Share the Message You’ve Been Given

You serve passionately and tirelessly to share the Word of Christ. Your website should help amplify your online outreach. Create a digital hub for all your online content and share your message on all social platforms like Facebook and YouTube. Your message, delivered.

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Sermon Sharing For Your Church and Ministry Website

Bring Your Event to Life

Bring people together through live experiences. ChristianCMS makes it easy for church to sell tickets and manage registrations. Easily setup, promote, and manage every detail of your next church event.

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WordPress Powered Church and Ministry Websites

WordPress Core Features

The tools from the world's leading content management system right at your fingertips.

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Unlimited Pages

A fast and simple content editor that is intuitive to use, saves your work every few minutes so you never miss a word, and doesn't require HTML or CSS coding knowledge.

Unlimited Blog Posts

Essential tools to create and sustain a great and engaging blog, such as categories, tags, post commenting and moderation, and blog RSS.

File Management

Manage your files easily, without hassle. Drag and drop images into posts and pages. Create designer worthy photo galleries. Embed audio, video, and more.

Search Engine Optimized

Make it easy to grow your audience with built-in SEO. All you have to do is create and publish.

Create Ministry Groups For Your Church and Ministry Website

Ministry Groups

Something special about community and the importance of keeping people connected.

Ministry Index

List all your ministries on your website so visitors can quickly find and connect with you.

Detailed Ministry Pages

Create individual ministry pages with media, forms, event integration, and more, allowing unlimited customization of the content, message and outreach tools for each ministry.

Integrate Fundraising For Individual Ministry Projects

The heart of ministry work is sharing the Word of Christ and doing outreach work. Collect donations or crowdfunding and kickstart your ministry projects.

Church or Ministry Website Fund Raising, Donations and Crowdfunding

Donations / Crowdfunding

Whether through everyday giving, a donation drive or crowdfunding campaign, ChristianCMS makes it easy to raise funds for your church activities.

Church or Ministry Website Fund Raising, Donations and Crowdfunding with PayPal
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Unlimited Fundraising Forms

Setup recurring tithe, crowdfunded projects, or take donations as they come in.

Zero Fees

Services like Kickstarter and Indiegogo take as much as 11% for administration and processing fees, compared to zero with ChristianCMS. Lose the outrageous fees, and put the those funds directly into your church.

Simple Donation For Everyday Giving

Take a one-time donation for your ministry projects or continuous tithe for your church.

Advanced Crowdfunding For Special Campaigns

Create a campaign with a start and end date with a specific goal and wait to take payment until the project is funded, just like Kickstarter or Indiegogo without the fees.

Offer Crowdfunding Rewards For Pledge Levels

Set support levels and reward donors with stickers, t-shirts, downloadable sermons, or more depending on how much they give.

Easily Accept Donations Through PayPal

Use PayPal integration for convenience and simplify the donation process.

Pledge Manager

Create campaigns for specific needs, ministries, and projects and watch the progress bar climb.

Integrate Donations In Any Page

Fund goals or projects for specific ministries or integrate with sermons for weekly online offerings.

Create a Church or Ministry Website Events Calendar

Events Calendar

Create, share and manage your next fundraiser, service times, bible study, concert or rally on your ChristianCMS website. From RSVPs and ticket sales to guest lists and social promotion, start scheduling today.

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Full 30 Day Calendar View

Show a full 30 day calendar view on a detailed events page or site wide sidebar widget for all your special events, service times, bible studies, and more.

Detailed Event Pages

Create event pages complete with rich media, reservations, ticket sales, promotional video, event information, location, map, and more.

Public Events

Create public events that do not require your guests to RSVP.

Event Registration with RSVP

Build your event mailing list and make it easy for users to reserve their space with a simple RSVP. Paid attendance or free events, efficiently plan your next church event. You and your attendee will receive email confirmation form an RSVP event.

Simplified RSVP

Allow guests to RSVP for your events using only their email address, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ account.

RSVP Event Modification and Cancellation Notifications

Easily create custom email notifications and quickly notify your RSVP guests via email of event modifications or cancellation.

Ticket Sales

Process online payment with PayPal or allow manual payments at the door for fundraising events, concerts, church rallies and more. Download a guest list to check in attendees as they arrive.

Limited Capacity Events

Take control of your events maximum capacity and limit the number of attendees for each of your church events.

Event Countdown

Simply add an animated event countdown for your next church event, or for a specific special event, to any page or post. Automatically redirect visitors to anywhere on the web when the countdown expires.

Immediately Expire Past Events

Show your church event history without worrying about an RSVP for a past event.

Social Sharing

Get attendees excited about your event and have it go viral on Facebook. Spread the word with automated social sharing when attendees RSVP so they can let their friends know what they’re missing out on.

Create Recurring Events

There’s no need to manually create repeating events on a schedule. Use recurring features to create one event, assign a schedule, and have scheduled events appear on your calendar, just like clockwork. Past event links and calendar entry will automatically be redirected to next recurrence of specific event.

Event Controlled Redirect

If an event is in-progress, you can redirect visitors from a selected page, post or event, to any external or internal link. Now you can quickly redirect your visitors to a live stream during Sunday service or an announcement during a live event.

Promote Upcoming and Most Popular Events

Don't wait for your visitor to find your events schedule. Promote your upcoming and most popular events by including a widget on each page and blog post.

Embed Flexibility

With an extensive library of ready-to-use, customizable shortcodes available, promoting your events have never been easier.

Event ical Export

Allow your visitor to export your event to iCal format and import into their calendar. Supported by any email client that supports the iCal format such as Apple Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, and Google Calendar.

Start Sermon Sharing For Your Church and Ministry Website


Share your message on your ChristianCMS website in a way that is simple for your users and hassle-free for you. Have a greater impact with your Calling.

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Sermon Index

Share all your sermons on your website so your visitors can quickly find and listen to your message and hear the Word of God.

Detailed Sermon Pages

Link to individual sermon pages that allow you unlimited possibilities to customize the content for each sermon.

Include Your Sermons from Supported Media providers

Share your sermon audio or video from supported media providers such as YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud and more or add custom embed codes generated by your media host.

Display Audio or Video With Notes, Links & Resources

It's super easy to embed videos, images, tweets, audio, and other content into your sermon pages.

Allow Commenting On Sermon Entries

When you desire feedback from your audience enable commenting and start a conversation.

Create Unlimited Forms For Your Church and Ministry Website


Connect with your audience by capturing their information using our easy-to-build forms.

Unlimited Forms

Gather important information from your website visitors with custom forms. You can create contact forms, registrations, applications, and more.

Custom Forms For Any Need

Create forms wherever you need them. You can integrate forms with specific pages of your site such as ministry specific forms on ministry pages, feedback on sermon pages, questions and comments about donations or fundraising, and more.

Add Forms Anywhere

Our form integration allows you to place any form on any page of your site as well as any sidebar area.

Spam Protection with Akismet

Say goodbye to spam. Akismet filters out your comment and form spam for you, so you can focus on more important things.

Email Notifications

Easily create customized emails that are automatically sent to you and your audience whenever forms are submitted.

Create an Online Store and Ecommerce For Church and Ministry Websites

Online Store / eCommerce

ChristianCMS offers a complete ecommerce solution for selling everything from digital downloads to material goods. All the features you need for your church online store with no commissions or revenue sharing.

Tour ecommerce merchant icon
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Unlimited Products - Unlimited Orders

ChristianCMS makes it all possible with a simple ecommerce solution built into your website allowing you to sell unlimited products without the need for third party storefronts like Amazon or Shopify. All without a transaction charge or revenue sharing. Your products, your orders, and your funds.

All Shapes, Sizes, Colors And Materials

Sell unlimited combinations of colors, sizes, and materials for any of your products and add unique product images to match. Then display your products in a beautiful product gallery.

Sell Shippable Goods

Sell church branded t-shirts, books, sermon CD's, and more.

Sell Digital Downloads

Sell downloadable audio, video, ebooks, and other digital media content.

Cart Behavior

Choose whether users remain on the current product pages or are redirected to checkout when they add a product to their cart.

Product Categories and Tags

Encourage shoppers to make more purchases by displaying related products. Choose how many to show, pick a list or grid, and select whether to relate products by categories or tags.

Coupon Codes

Attract new shoppers and increase sales with coupon based marketing campaigns. Create detailed promotional codes offering discounts by percentage or fixed dollar amounts and restrict promotions by date range, product, customer, and more.

Embed Products

Quickly add products into any page, post, or with sidebar widget.

Customize Confirmations

Customize email notifications sent to your website administrator and customers for new orders and product shipments.

Multiple Shipping Options

Ship anywhere in the world with confidence. Use USPS flat rate shipping, cater to specific distribution logistics using table or weight rates, or allow pick up at your location.

Accept Payments Through PayPal & Authorize.net

Make it easy for anyone to pay you. Smooth transaction processing is essential when building trust, shopper loyalty, and increasing sales.

Manage the Checkout Process

Enable or disable guest checkout and even sell to specific countries or anyone in the world.

Limit Digital Downloads

Choose how many times a customer can download a file they have purchased.

Automatic Taxes

Simple tax settings make it easy to set rates, create exceptions, apply taxes to downloadable products, and tax before or after the cost of shipping.

Hide Out of Stock Products

When a product isn’t available, automatically set a product to draft so it doesn’t display.

Products Display

Display your products as a list or grid, choose how many rows, show images or not, and make the most of the built-in image lightbox.

PDF Invoicing

Allow users to generate a beautiful PDF invoice instead of, or in addition to, a standard invoice email.

Order Manager

See your orders from one screen and quickly edit payment gateway, billing address, shipping address, products purchased, applicable taxes, shipping fee, shipping method, enter a tracking number, change the status of the order, and more.

Inventory Warning

When you’re running out of any of your products, receive a WordPress dashboard when it’s time to stock up.

Social Settings

Encourage shoppers to share your products with their friends and family with Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter shares buttons.

Dashboard Widget

Quickly and easily monitor inventory and orders from your WordPress dashboard. One click access to the information you need.

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